Impact on the economy

As the region’s leading company, we are aware of our impact on the economy.


Sustainable business environment

While conducting our business, we follow high corporate governance and sustainability standards, and we expect our suppliers and partners to do the same.

We are aware of the impact we make on the economy. That is why we have established high corporate governance standards. By doing so, we believe that we help our clients and end consumers become more sustainable.

Corporate governance

We have drawn up a Code of Ethics, whose principles help the company’s management and employees interact with colleagues, clients, partners, and competitors in an ethical manner. The Code sets out our attitude toward fair competition, confidentiality, conflict of interest, prevention of corruption, and the like.

Sustainability of supply chains

We collaborate with a large number of suppliers. To promote responsible and sustainable business conduct, we have designed a Supplier’s Code of Ethics, which sets out our position on the corporate governance and sustainability issues. Upon cooperation with the PATA group companies, suppliers must attest to their compliance with the Code. We provide supplier training and audit with certain regularity.

Industry leadership

PATA group is the leading forestry and timber production company in the Baltics. We closely follow the developments in the Baltic and European forestry policy. Given that wood is a renewable resource, we believe it is a raw material of the future which requires responsible management. To ensure transparent representation of our interest, we are a member of the Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry, Latvian Timber Industry Federation, Latvian Wood Harvesting Union, and Latvian Wood Owners’ Society. We express our views through these organisations.

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PATA is the leading forest management, timber production, logistics and trade company in Latvia

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