Sawn Timber Trade

Certified products available for delivery worldwide.


Dependable delivery anywhere in the world

PATA drives sawn timber trade worldwide. Currently, we deliver to such countries as the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and others.

Many loyal partners overseas

Foreign customers choose PATA as their partner because we can satisfy their demand for large quantities—our production output amounts to more than 600,000 cubic meters of sawn timber annually, of which 80 percent is exported to foreign markets.

Large quantities and timely deliveries

PATA is a vertically integrated company present every step of the way—from forest management to logging to sawn timber production to sale.

C24 and C16 stress graded carcassing timber

PATA offers a wide range of stress-graded carcassing timber planed all round with eased edges produced of spruce or pine species.

Our carcassing timber is CE marked and C16 or C24 graded. High pressure UC green or brown preservative treatment available.

Dimensions (mm): 45×45/45×70/45×95/45×120/45×145/45×170/45×195/45×220.

Available lengths: from 2.4m to 6.0m.

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CLS timber for UK market

For the UK market, PATA offers C16 graded CLS timber planed all round with eased edges made of spruce or pine.

Dimensions (mm): 50×100/50×150.

Available lengths: from 2.4m to 6.0m.

Vac Vac treatment available.

CLS timber for US market

For the US market, PATA produces No 2 graded PREMIUM timber planed all round with eased edges.

Dimensions (inches): 2×4/2×6/2×8.

Available lengths (feet): 8’/10’/12’/14’/16’.

PET material available: 92 5/8”/93”.

Pallet blanks

For pallet producers worldwide, PATA offers pallet blanks. Species: hardwood mix (aspen, alder, birch) or softwood mix (pine, spruce).

Thickness: 14mm–47mm.
Widths: 75mm–150mm.
Lengths: 0.8m–4.8m.
Our standard dimensions in stock:


Our products are made of premium quality softwood or hardwood.

Available lengths: 1.20m and 2.40m.
75x75mm (156 pieces per pack).
95x95mm (100 pieces per pack).
100x100mm (100 pieces per pack).
Lengths: 1.20m, 2.40m, and 3.0m.
Machine-rounded and cundy peeled.
Diameter: from 50mm to 125mm.
Lengths: from 100mm to 3000mm.
Custom-made products available upon request.

Rough sawn timber

PATA produces a wide range of rough sawn timber for delivery worldwide.