Sawn wood trade

Certified production and delivery services worldwide


Trustworthy delivery anywhere in the world

PATA trades active sawn-wood worldwide. Currently the most active collaborators are countries such as United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and others.

Many lasting foreign collaboration partners

Foreign customers choose PATA as their collaboration partner because we can provide large processing capacities – we produce more than 400,000 cubic meters per year, of which 80% are exported to foreign markets.

Great volumes and timely deliveries

PATA is a vertically integrated company – we provide a full production cycle, which includes forest management, logging, and sawn wood production and trade.

C24 stress-graded carcassing

PATA offer wide range of stress-graded carcassing. Material is planed all round with eased edges.

Our carcassing is CE marked and graded according to C16 or C24.

High pressure HC 2 green or brown treatment avilable.

Spruce (whitewood) or Pine (redwood) species.

Dimmensions (mm) : 45×45 / 45×70 / 45×95 / 45×120 / 45×145 / 45×170 / 45×195 / 45×220

Avilable lengths from 2.4m to 6.0 m.

CLS – UK market

For UK market PATA offer C16 CLS material. Material is planed all round with eased edges.


Dimmensions (mm) : 50×100 / 50×150

Avilable lengths from 2.4m to 6.0 m. Possible to do Vac- Vac tratment.

CLS – USA market

For USA market PATA offer NO.2 grade PREMIUM.

Material is planed all round with eased edges.

Dimmensions(inches): 2×4 / 2×6 / 2×8

Avilable lengths (ft): 8’/10’/12’/14’/16’

Pallet boards/pallet beams

For pallet producers worldwide PATA offer pallet boards.


Species : hardwood mix(aspen, alder, birch) or softwood mix(pine, spruce)


Thickness : 14-47 mm

Width : 75 – 150 mm

Lengths : 0.8m – 4.8m


Our standart dimmensions we are keeping in stock:








Products are made from premium quality softwood or hardwood.

Sleepers: 95x195mm / 100x200mm / 120x245mm

Lenghts : 1.20m and 2.40m

Posts: 75x75mm ( 156 pieces per pack) / 95x95mm( 100 pieces per pack)

100x100mm ( 100 pieces per pack)

Lenghts : 1.20m; 2.40m and 3.0m


Machined rounded and cundy peeled

Diameter: from 50 to 125mm

Lengths : 100-3000mm

Upon a customers request we can produce a special size products as well.

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PATA is the leading forest management, woodworking, transporting, and trading company in Latvia.

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