Timber industry

Highest-quality timber – certified and environmentally friendly


Wide-range usability of spruce and pine timber

Timber for building construction materials, wood pulp, heating pellets, and heat production.

Sawn wood

Building construction, door, window, slab furniture, pallet and container production

Wood pulp chips

Wood pulp and paper industry


Heating pellet production

Wood bark

Heat production, provision of technological processes in sawmills

Modern production technologies

The production process is ensured by competent employees who, using the most modern technologies, ensure the highest quality of the finished products and compliance with Nordic timber quality standards.

A variety of products of consistent quality

By processing 10-55 cm of round timber, we obtain timber of different humidity – 8, 10, 12 and 18%. Not only do they meet the requirements of wood supply chain certificates, but are also of high quality and environmentally friendly.

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PATA is the leading forest management, woodworking, transporting, and trading company in Latvia.

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