Forest-derived biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels


Energy-use wood products

A great alternative to fossil fuels – biomass derived from sustainably managed forests.

Mixed wood chips

Unprocessed wood chips with 10-12% bark impurity and 1-4% ash content of the total weight. Humidity of standard chips ranges from 40 to 50%

Coniferous wood chips

Wood chips with 1-2% bark impurity, corresponding to the quality of wood pulp production. Ash content decreases to 0.5-1% of total weight, while moisture percentage ranges from 45 to 55%

Logging chips

Wood chips from logging residues are of 12-13% bark impurity and 3-4% ash content of the total weight. Logging residue wood chips contain 40 to 50% moisture


Split ash, oak, birch, or alder wood, billet length 20-60cm, billet diameter 6-15 cm, humidity of 15-25%

Rapidly growing wood chip production

The volume has currently reached 700,000 megawatt-hours a year, ensuring stable and guaranteed deliveries to biomass power plants in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

The most powerful and most modern equipment

PATA owns the most modern and powerful wood-chipping plant, which, in accordance with the customer’s needs, can provide a fixed chip-grading size.

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