Our responsibility is to be part of sustainable development of society, assessing the impact the PATA group companies make on the society, economy, and environment.


Ecosystem for sustainable development

Our mission is to create a forest industry ecosystem where every stakeholder may not only develop individually, but also create an environment for sustainable development of society.

Impact on the environment

Human activity has made an impact on the carbon cycle, leading to carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere faster than it can be soaked up. As Latvia’s leading forest management, timber production, logistics and trade company, it is our responsibility to be a positive part of the climate change process.

Impact on the economy

We are aware that our impact on the local economy is significant. Therefore, we have established high corporate governance standards. By following them, we believe we help our clients, suppliers, and end consumers become more sustainable.

Impact on society

Our Group is a leading employer in Latvia, providing work to more than 700 industry professionals. Employee safety and well-being is our key priority. At the same time, we are also a responsible and reliable neighbour and partner in areas where we carry out our operations.

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PATA is the leading forest management, timber production, logistics and trade company in Latvia

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