Forest Management

Entrust your property to an industry leader with extensive experience.


Complete forest management cycle

From a sapling to timber to sale—we ensure sustainable high-quality forest management

Preparation of soil

Soil preparation is important for healthy forest stands—it is vital to the sapling survival and growth rate as well as makes tending of the forest easier.


Reforestation lies at the root of sustainable forest management. The right reforestation method and tree species chosen to suit soil conditions lead to a healthy and productive forest.

Stand protection

The use of plant protection products significantly increases a forest stand’s resistance to damage caused by ungulates. In certain areas, high-quality forest restoration is not possible without the use of repellents.

Agrotechnical tending

Agrotechnical tending creates better conditions for saplings by decreasing competition with surrounding vegetation. In certain areas, it is needed twice during the vegetation period.

Young stand thinning

When a young stand reaches a certain hight, it is vital to thin it. It is an important stage in forest management as it determines the stand composition until the main-use felling.


Economically justified forest-based activities for tree harvesting. Efficient logging, as part of sustainable forest management, yields a higher return.

Forest management

Efficient and sustainable forest management comprises a set of processes and decisions that are based both in forestry and economics. A forest management plan and professional assistance will help you to make the right plans and take the right decisions.

Land oversight

Unused agricultural land is a resource that must be put to good use. With our knowledge and experience, we provide you with sustainable and economically viable land management.

Tailor-made forest management plan

By offering direct cooperation with the end-users of timber, cutting out intermediaries, we can make the best financial offer and ensure a personal approach.

Experience and know-how

Our Group`s companies employ more than 700 qualified and experienced staff across Latvia, facilitating provision of all works related to forest management.

Forest management cycle

The future of Latvia’s forests

We wish to take good care of the future of Latvia’s forests, that is why we believe that all felling areas need to be carefully restored after timber harvesting.

Gains for future generations

Sustainable reforestation ensures a higher return for future generations.

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