Forest management

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Full forest management cycle

From saplings to timber and implementation – we use a sustainable forestry model.

Preparation of the soil

Is needed to qualitatively restore forest stand. Without soil preparation, the saplings may not root and their tending may be more difficult.


Sustainable forest management basis. Reforestation type and species is selected depending on forest growth conditions, which allows to grow a qualitative as well as productive forest.

Protection of plantations

The use of various plant protection products significantly increases forest stand resistance against ungulate-caused damages. In certain areas qualitative forest restoration is not possible without using repellents.

Agrotechnical tending

Provides saplings with better conditions by freeing them from competition with the grass and natural sprouts. To be done twice during the growing season in certain areas.

Thinning of young growth

It is fundamental to tend the forest stand when it achieves a certain height. A vital forestry process, as the chosen forest stand composition can remain until the main felling.


Forestry and economically justified set of processes for timber extraction. Efficient logging allows for higher profits from sustainable forest management.

Forest management

Efficient and sustainable forest management consists of a set of processes and decisions that are based both on forestry and economics. A forest management plan and the experience of the industry’s professionals help to plan these processes and to make the right decisions

Property supervision

Owned, unused agricultural land is a productive resource that must be used efficiently. With our knowledge and experience we can help to efficiently and economically manage the whole property.

Individual approach to each client

We provide a direct collaboration with the wood’s end-user, with no middlemen, ensuring the most advantageous offer and a personal approach.

Experience and competence

Our group companies throughout Latvia employ more than 600 trained and experienced specialists, which allows them to perform all forest-management-related work on their own.

Reforestation cycle

The future of Latvian forests

We also care about the future of Latvian forests – that’s why we believe that all felling areas need to be carefully restored after wood extraction.

Profits for future generations

Careful reforestation process to provide higher profit to future generations.

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