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The greatest possible economic benefit from logging


The greatest possible economic benefit from logging

While carrying out logging, you are interested in obtaining the largest economic benefit possible. PATA has developed the optimal model to ensure this.

Guaranteed sale of wood

As you know, the more transactions there are, the more labour-intensive the process and the bigger the tax burden. Working with one business partner is always more advantageous and secure. We guarantee that we will sell absolutely all the ranges of timber sawn at the felling area – even if the logging has been carried out by another company.

Best price per trunk

In accordance with the procedures laid down in Latvian legislation, the sales process will be coordinated by our lumber procurement specialist who will inform you about current timber market prices and transport costs, as well as recommend the most advantageous sales outlets. As a result, we will ensure that you receive the best price per trunk. The sales volume is determined according to actual sales, presenting the precise measurement for each cargo.

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