Anyone can become our customer

Regardless of the forest size, age, or stand composition, we ensure high-quality forest management. Also, we update our partners on the latest market trends and ensure an independent and accurate measuring of wood. We do business in a safe and transparent manner and guarantee fast payment.

Quality delivered by the largest fleet of forestry machinery in the Baltics.

We provide efficient and sustainable forest and forest asset management, making sure forests are well looked after and produce the highest natural and economic value.

Industry experience of 70 years

The collective experience of our Group’s companies is a testament to our professional expertise and reliability.

Competitive prices

The handling of all the wood supply chain allows us to provide certified products compliant with a wide range of specifications for competitive prices.

Ecosystem for sustainable development

Our mission is to create a forest industry ecosystem where all the stakeholders, from forest owners to end consumers, by working together, not only may develop individually and create added value to all, but also lay the groundwork for sustainable development in the future.