About us

About us

The company PATA was founded in 1999, but the operating experience in the forest industry of our current subsidiary companies dates back 70 years.

We offer forest owners stable long-term collaboration, providing a full forest management cycle. From seedlings to timber harvesting and sales – we work according to a sustainable forestry model. Therefore, much of the work invested by PATA’s professional specialists in forests today will only bear fruit in the distant future.

Knowing that we are a reliable and trustworthy partner, our forestry work services are chosen by an increasing number of forest owners not only in Latvia, but also in the other Baltic States. PATA’s long-term business partner in forest management is AS “Latvian State Forests”. Moreover, our company itself is one of the biggest private forest owners in Latvia.

We carry out timber harvesting work in our territories and those of our customers throughout the year, and we have the biggest specialised fleet of timber haulage vehicles in the Baltics. Timber harvested at felling areas is processed in sawmills belonging to the company or sold at the best price available at the time to other timber processing companies in the Baltic region. Each year we use more than 3 million cubic meters of log to produce timber products.

In turn, we can offer wood fuel product consumers and lumber buyers in Latvia and throughout the world a broad range of products for competitive prices. Among the regular consumers of our fuel wood chips are local councils and governmental bodies.

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For forest owners

For forest owners

In order for a forest property to preserve its value and also generate profits for generations to come, it must be professionally managed in the long-term. However, not everyone has the time, means and know-how to carry out these jobs properly. We offer forest owners not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Estonia, a wide range of forestry services. Ranging from reforestation; through to sawing, log delivery and sales. In turn, in the long-term the most advantageous solution will always be a contract for forest management within the parameters of a full forestry cycle.

Anybody can become our customer – regardless of the size of their property, the age of the forest and composition of the forest stand. We will ensure high quality performance of forestry work, the latest information about market trends, independent and correct measurement of sawn timber, secure and transparent transactions, as well as guaranteed and fast payment.

However, above all – we will buy all product ranges prepared at the stand, and as a result you will receive the best price per trunk. Throughout Latvia, we have established a wide network of forest owner advisory centres. Choose the one nearest to you and get in touch with us!

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For lumber buyers

For lumber buyers

For lumber remanufacturing and trading companies in Latvia and overseas, PATA offers sawn pine (pinus silvestris) and spruce (picea abies) lumber, sorted, dried and non-dried according to Buyers specific quality requirements.

We control the whole timber supply chain and the company’s production capacities exceed 400,000 cubic metres of sawn lumber a year.

PATA can offer a wide specification of certified product.

Our sales model is based on long-term partnership with the customer. For many years now, PATA’s sawn lumber has been well received by our business partners not only in the domestic market, but also in Egypt, South Korea, Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

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For energy producers

For energy producers

One of the most significant challenges facing the modern world is the growing demand for energy resources. With the development of industrial production and the increase in the size of the global population, an increasing volume of fossil fuels is being consumed. These resources are not inexhaustible; moreover, their use has a negative impact on the rate of climate changes. Biomass obtained from sustainably managed forests can provide a great alternative.

In caring for the future of the planet, PATA is continually increasing its wood fuel production volume, which has currently reached 700,000 Megawatt hours per year, ensuring stable and guaranteed deliveries to biomass power plants in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Among the company’s regular wood fuel consumers are local councils and governmental bodies. We have access to the most modern and powerful chipping machinery in Latvia, which in accordance with the need of our customers can ensure constant chip fraction dimensions.

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Contacts and company details

Contacts and company details

PATA head office

Company details

Legal address: Miera street 2, Inčukalns, LV-2141, Latvia
Single registration number: 40003448619

Luminor Bank AS
Current Account No. LV12NDEA0000080017673

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